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Welcome to the Companion Website dedicated to the text, Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse's Guide, Fourth Edition.

This Website is designed to:

  • Provide you with study aids to prepare for your class
  • Help you master the material in the text
  • Expand the scope of the textbook
  • Grant you access to up-to-date information

Student Resources

Interactive Glossary
Allows you to search for key terms and their definitions alphabetically or by chapter.

Crossword Puzzles
These function as real crossword puzzles except the answers are made up of nursing research terms.

Interactive Flashcards
These exceptional study tools provide a definition and ask for the key term.

Student Quiz
Study Questions in multiple-choice format are available for students to review chapter material.

Case Studies
Case studies encourage active learning and promote critical thinking skills in learners - having students ask questions, analyze the situation they are presented with, and solve problems.

Discussion Questions
These questions help students better understand concepts they learn in each chapter. Responses can easily be sent to instructors.